webtrees version 1.1.0 released

The webtrees development team have just announced the long-awaited major release 1.1.0. 

It has been an unusually long wait for this release, nearly 3 months when we had already got used to a new release every four weeks or so. But that was deemed necessary as a it includes a couple of very major changes. Those changes relate to the administration pages, and the popular "Google Maps™" module. That is on top of a long list of bug fixes, and other improvements.

The two major changes are:

  1. A completely re-designed administration interface. Much cleaner, simpler and faster to find the settings you need.  It has its own, non-configurable style template. This is in common with many other products such as Joomla, and WordPress, as used on this site. The design actually has a bit of a "WordPress" look to it, which as your own "kiwi" designed it is not all that surprising ;)
  2. The Google Maps module has been completely overhauled. The main purpose was to implement Google's API version 3.0. This has one important improvement, the ability to function without needing a special "key" supplied by Google. But at the same time the module has been improved in many other ways, not least being the addition of Google's "Streetview" feature. So as well as plotting the location of your ancestors property, you can display a modern day view panoramic view of it too!

Note: kiwitrees client sites will all be upgraded to this version within the next 12 hours.