webtrees 1.4.3 released just days after 1.4.2

Shortly after the release of webtrees 1.4.2 was released a critical bug was found  😥 As a result, just 4 days later 1.4.3 was released.

Users can skip 1.4.2 and go straight to 1.4.3, or should immediately upgrade if they have already moved to 1.4.2.

The bug causes an eror message like “Fatal error: Call to a member function getEstimatedBirthDate () on a non-object in / www/htdocs/w00b0ceb/webtrees/edit_interface.php on line 1500”. You will only experience this bug if you are adding a child to an existing family that includes other children AND you have “Automatically approve edits by this user” enabled.