Version released 21st February 2014.

This is the first release of webtrees under the name “kiwitrees”. As explained elsewhere this is my personal edition of webtrees. Broadly based on webtrees 1.4, but with:

  • Features and bug fixes  from w1.5 that have not been included in w1.4 series.
  • Features of my own that are not part of webtrees.
  • Some of my “simpl_add-ons” are now transferred to the core code. In this release that includes simpl_pages, simpl_privacy, and the simpl_grey theme. As these are added to the core code, they will be deleted from add-ons. If you don’t want to use them, simply don’t enable them (Administration > Modules).
  • Some new add-ons not previously released, such as a duplicate individual finder (linked to merge as well) and a search for unlinked individuals.
  • New or changed features requested by kiwitrees clients.
  • Versions of add-ons from other developers. “Fancy_Imagebar” is included in this releaase.

For a more detailed list of new, improved and fixed features check the “Version 2.0 Change list“.

To download this latest version go to Downloads > kiwitrees 2.0.