Hosting plans

Focussed on security, privacy and support for your family history data.

Continuing our policy of keeping your life as simple as possible, our pricing plans are as uncomplicated as we can make them. Just four plans based only on the amount of storage space you expect to need. Your kiwitrees software installation will take around 60 MB, so the rest is available for your family tree and storing media objects: pictures, sound recordings, documents, and even short movie clips.
All prices are for 12 months, in New Zealand dollars.
  • Plan 1

    150 MB

  • $100

    Per Year

  • Automatic upgrades
  • Full support
  • Plan 2

    275 MB

  • $150

    Per Year

  • Automatic upgrades
  • Full support
  • Plan 3

    525 MB

  • $250

    Per Year

  • Automatic upgrades
  • Full support
  • Plan 4

    1025 MB

  • $350

    Per Year

  • Automatic upgrades
  • Full support

Hosting FAQs

Yes you can. The standard kiwitrees installation would give you a domain name like http://your but if you already have a domain name we can work with you to transfer it to our servers. There is no additional charge unless you ask us to reserve a new domain name for you.
There are two main factors that determine this; the number of people you have recorded in your family tree, and the amount of storage your media objects (photos, documents, etc.) take. The basic calculation would be: A base requirement of 60 MB for the software; plus about 8 MB for every 1,000 people in your tree; plus however many MB your media storage needs.

But there’s no need to guess. Use the table below as a guide. It is based on these criteria:

  • Kiwitrees requires a about 60 MB before you do anything with it.
  • Your database will need 3 MB plus roughly 8 MB for every 1,000 people in your family tree.
  • The average size of pictures (media objects) assumed to be 500 KB each.
  • A 10% contingency allowance.


Contact me before you sign up and we can discuss your needs. And don’t worry if you find out later that you need more space. It is very easy to upgrade, and I’m pretty flexible about when it happens too 🙂

Certainly. In fact that is exactly what most people do. I try to do as much of that for you as I can. There are a number of ways we can do it depending how big and well established your existing trees is, and what software it is on now.

The simplest way is usually to export a GEDCOM file from your current site, which I can then import into your new kiwitrees site. Before running the import I always check the integrity of the file and fix any errors I can; then after the import I run webtrees own “error check” to see if there are things that you might need help tidying up.

For more complex transfers it is often easiest to give me access to your current site so I can download it’s raw database. But each transfer is different, so we will probably have a conversation about your specific needs before you sign up.

Yes, within reason. Customisations are a speciality of kiwitrees, but we always advise that you first understand the extensive built-in configuration options that you can use yourself, at no additional cost, before considering paying for something more extensive.

One thing you must always consider is the cost of maintaining a customised site, as each upgrade of the software is likely to result in costly updates to your customisations as well.

You can see some examples of custom sites at our Customising page

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