Plans for the New Year

I have had a number of interesting requests for new modules recently, as well as increased demand for simple hacks to achieve things not possible with add-ons. I aim to release some of these to coincide with the next upgrade of webtrees, which will be version 1.4.0.

The add-ons will include:

  • A couple of alternative solutions to adding Google AdSense (either as a front-page block, or as an individual page side-bar element.
  • A new theme called “simpl_designer” (see this demo for an idea of its look). This is new for a number of reasons, including a unique set of configurable options in its own administration page.
  • A PayPal “donations” module (front-page block).

For things that can’t be achieved through add-ons, I will start a new discussion page to provide solutions for a few commonly requested “hacks”. These include Google AdSense in the page footer, social links, and a comment system.

If you have any more requests, feel free to add them here.