phpMyFAQ – No longer an alternative to kiwitrees’ FAQ module

Back in 2013 I published a series of articles here on the subject of using phpMyFAQ (pMF) as an alternative to webtrees’ FAQ module. It seemed to offer a more comprehensive solution to adding FAQ pages to a web site than the basic module available in kiwitrees.

Well, sadly it has now been necessary to remove those posts, and STRONGLY recommend that anyone who followed those directions remove the product from their website.

I must immediately explain that there is nothing wrong with pMF. It remains an excellent and highly popular product. The difficulty comes when using it within kiwitrees, in an iframe, as my original posts recommended. The issue is one of security, and is explained on the pMF web site here.

It should still be possible to use it outside of kiwitrees (perhaps linked via an “extra menu”), but that would then require your members to have a separate login to their kiwitrees one.