Kiwitrees user Roy Evans has just announced the publication of a new book developed in part by Roy’s family tree site of the Gohman(n) Family.

[testimonial5 author=”Roy Evans” company=”Gohman(n) Genealogy” ]As an aside, one of my users and I have recently published a book “Our Gohman Story, The Third Generation”. It is derived from the materials on my site. Googling the name will show you what the book looks like. It has had a great reception from the family and, surprisingly, some outsiders. We have just started work on a second book which will most likely be called “Our Gohman Story, The Immigrant Generations”. Just wanted to let you know that webtrees has value over and above pure research and web display.

Thanks again.[/testimonial5][clear]

Roy and Charlie’s book is available from most of the internet book stores at a very reasonable price.