Last November kiwitrees user Roy Evans announced the publication of a new family history book about his Gohman(n) Family “Our Gohman Story, The Third Generation“. Now he has released the second instalment “Our Gohman Story, the First and Second Generations”. He was kind enough to provide the following endorsement for the role of kiwitrees in the book’s development.

[testimonial5 author=”Roy Evans” company=”Gohman(n) Genealogy” ]You asked me to let you know when my second book came out. Kiwitrees played a major role in the task of managing the huge amount of data involved; individuals, events, sources, images, and even story lines.[/testimonial5][clear]

The second genealogy book is about the Central Minnesota Gohmann family’s first and second generations. The original was about the third generation. The new book can be found at AuthorHouse: and Amazon: The eBook will be available shortly. The book will also be distributed by other on-line bookstores.

The book description.

Some fifty years apart, two itinerant men wander into two adjacent German towns. Two of their descendants, a man and a woman, eventually meet and, after traveling nearly a fourth of the way around the world to a new land, are married. In story form, this book covers the German roots of the couple, reasons for leaving their homeland, ending up in the Minnesota Territory, and the effort of becoming successful homesteaders. Following the in-depth exploration of the lives of the first generation couple, individual stories about the second generation of the family are presented. Generally engaged as farmers, the two generations of Gohmans had very diverse personalities but adapted to the world around them uniformly with strength and character. The family members’ experienced and adapted to great changes in their lives—moving from a German Heuerling environment to working in early Cincinnati industries and finally moving on to homesteading in the wilderness of the Minnesota Territory.