Next release of kiwitrees

The next release of kiwitrees will be designated “3.0.0”. I decided to use the next major number sequence this time as there are a significant number of new features in this release.

I hope to be able to release it in about two weeks – but no guarantees. It really depends what else crops up  between now and then.

I have recently accepted the role of “web master” for the Guild of One-Name Studies. They need a stalled attempt to redesign their very complex web site taken to completion, a job I fully expect to take at least 12 months! So time is a little limited just now.

But back to kiwitrees. Here is a brief summary of the main changes:

  1. The revised format for the “family” page has been taken further, and includes simple one-click “add new” options for all missing immediate relatives (parents, grand-parents etc.)
  2. The popular webtrees add-on “Fancy Tree View by JustCarmen is now a core part of kiwitrees. At present it remains a module, but eventually I aim to include it simply as one of the standard reports, and for it to become the first of many replacements for the old reporting system. Probably won’t get that part into this release though.
  3. When adding new media objects the default “highlight image” option will now be ‘no’ rather than blank. This ensures you and your users make a positive decision on which object will be the highlighted one. See this FAQ for more details:
  4. Sending HTML-based mail is now a configurable option, and if you do choose it some basic wysiwyg options will be available.
  5. Some new admin features:
    1. Update place names. This allows you to modify place names across your whole family tree very easily.
    2. Append trees. The long awaited ability to append (add) one tree to another. But note, this is “append” and NOT “merge”. There is no attempt made to match or merge any records that might be the same. you will need to do that later, but you do have “find duplicated individuals” and “Merge records” to help you.
    3. Renumber family tree. This is an essential preliminary step before you use “Append trees”. It ensures there is no possibility of re-using an existing xref number for any type of record.
  6. The early changes to the style of the administration pages has been taken further. In common with updates to the default “kiwitrees” theme it uses more modern looking styles, actions, and fonts.
  7. All the main menu items can now have access (viewing) levels set and be positioned anywhere along the menu display.
    1. I still want to do something similar with their sub-menus but not in this release.
    2. I do want to include the themes/languages/favourites menu group in this as well. Hopefully in this release but not 100% sure yet.
  8. The removal of “My page” will be part of this release. I currently have that working on the “kiwitrees” theme, so just need to copy the code across to the others.
    1. Because there is no My page, when you login from the Home page you will now be taken to your ‘individual record’. That is usually (but not necessarily) yourself.
    2. It’s replacement is a pop-out “widget” bar on the left side of all pages. It can accept pretty much the same “blocks” that could be used on “My page” in it’s narrower right-hand column.
    3. As a result of this change access to pages like administration, my account, my individual record, etc. have also been moved and will be in a drop-down under your user name at the top of the page.
  9. A “check for possible duplicates” has been added to each of the “add new person” edit windows. This will give you the choice of checking of your new person might already exist in your tree before you click ‘save’. It simply searches for matching given name / surname matches in the “names” table. It will stop at 10 matches to save processing time. That seems like more than enough to suggest you might do some checking before you add that person.

I think that covers all the main items. There are of course the usual minor ‘tweaks’ and bug fixes as well.

If you would like to preview and test any of these features I will have a “beta demo” site up and running in the next 24 hours. Just drop me an email if you would like access. As a number of the changes are in the administration area I will need to give you full access to the site. So you must be a member here, and known to me.

Nigel Osborne