I expect to release version 2.0.1 of kiwitrees within a couple of days. Apart from the usual bug fixes and tidying up of code it includes a handful of important new and improved features.

The “Stories” module has a had a thorough review and features long demanded are now included such as:

  • The ability for one individual to have multiple stories. The system recognises when you add more than one story to the same person, and adjusts the display accordingly, including a simple contents listing at the start.
  • The ability to link a single story to multiple individuals. This is probably THE most requested feature for this module.
  • Sorting the order of stories. This is particularly important where you have more than one story for an individual. The administration list of stories now includes a simply drag’n drop or manual sort order that allows you to rearrange your stories however you want.

The “Family page” now has an alternate horizontal layout as shown in the image included with this post. I think it looks better, but it is limited by the width necessary to display 4 grandparents across the page. For this reason at present you will only see it on displays wider than 1450 px. Anything less than that will still display the old vertical format automatically. To  overcome this I will need to re-design the display boxes for each person, which is probably well overdue anyway.

Two more ‘simpl” add-ons have been moved to the core system. These are simpl_cousins and simpl_research. Remember you will need to enable them as modules AND set the appropriate access level for your users & visitors if you haven’t previously installed them or they won’t be visible. Simpl_research also includes a LOT more database links, and an administration option to choose which ones you want to use.

A full list of the changes for this release will be available to registered users as always as soon as the release is out.