Latest release finally available!

After an embarrassingly long delay the 3.0.0 release of kiwitrees is finally available for download . I hope you find it worth the wait. It is by far the most significant set of changes to kiwitrees since the first release, including new features, improvements, things moved, things removed, and much of the system generally tidied up.

Below are just a couple of the larger changes. For more details check out the change list at, and while you are there don’t forget to review the upgrade instructions.


“My page” replaced by widgets

One of the major changes has been removing the often confusing “My page”. The many modules available there can still be used, but are now placed on a widget bar to the left of every page. Easily opened whenever you need to refer to them.


Themes simplified

The number of themes available in the standard download is reduced, to make maintaining the code more manageable; and the way you set themes is considerable simplified.

Individual users can not set their own tree, nor is there any site default theme. Just a single page to set your preferred theme for each of your family trees.


Dozens more changes…..

All the other changes are far too numerous to list in this brief note, so read the “New” and “Improved” sections of the  change list to see more.

Don’t forget to use the support forum if you have any problems with the upgrade, or just need to understand more about the changes.