The latest version of kiwitrees (3.3.0) is now available to download and install. 

Get your copy here.

This is a major upgrade with a great many new and improved features, as well as background changes, bug and security fixes. Because of this the upgrade process is a little more complicated so it is very important you read and follow the Upgrade instructions very carefully. 

A list of the latest changes and improvements can be found on the Change list. It’s a good idea to read those as well, so you understand where some features might have moved too, or been named slightly differently. 

All kiwitrees hosted clients will be automatically upgraded over the next few days. Your site will be placed in “maintenance mode” for the short time the upgrade takes. You will receive an email when that is done and your site checked.


Longest “new and significant” list ever!

The change list for this version has 13 new or significantly changed features, the most for a single release, ever. Too many to discuss here, so do check out the Change list.

It also has a very large “improved” section. I hope you like all the changes.

One of my favourites is the new “Fan chart”  (see Main menu Charts > Fan chart). Much clearer to view, easier to adjust, and it prints better than ever before.


Kiwitrees.net website changes

As well as the software upgrade there have been a couple of significant changes to our web site.

First, following a HUGE amount of hard work by member Wim Meijberg many parts of the site, especially in the FAQ section, are now translated into Dutch. Just click on the Dutch flag to switch. Thanks Wim, I know other Dutch members will appreciate your efforts.

Second, we have a new “bug reporting” area. Much better than the slightly “clunky” one we started with. The new page is part of the forum, and just as easy to use. If you think you have found a bug, either post it there or discuss it first in the support forum. Either way, if it needs moving later I can do that. Access is either via the forum, or by clicking “Bug reporting” under the site “Support” menu item.



As I said above, the upgrade process for this version is a little more complex, so please read Upgrading for more detail before you rush into the process.

But as always, if you have a problem, just get in touch either through the forum or email me direct.


I hope you enjoy the improvements.