New simpl_add-on released “Simpl_privacy”

On the forum at recently there has been a lot of discussion about the risk that data errors might accidentally expose living people’s details to public view.

Although I do not feel there is a major issue for webtrees to “fix”, I have myself very occasionally found it difficult to identify the reason for such accidental displays of living people.

This module seeks to reduce that problem simply by providing a note of the privacy status of each individual in a discrete sidebar element on each individual’s page. In addition it includes a narrative about the data that has resulted in the status, making it easy to then identify and if appropriate rectify the error.

Privacy status is identified as Dead, Living, or “Presumed dead”, each of which is explained further in the linked help text.

As always the module includes it’s own “ReadMe” file explaining how to install it. The module is available at simpl_privacy.