Latest release from webtrees

October 30th, 2011 – the latest release from webtrees is now available. We are in the process of upgrading all kiwitrees client site to this very latest version of webtrees, 1.2.4.
Quote from webtrees:
This release follows in the footsteps of previous releases in the 1.2 series, and contains many performance related improvements. As well as a small reduction in the execution times, we have also restructured many of the pages to improve the overall responsiveness. Assuming your server is well-configured, most pages now score "grade A" on YSlow and over 90% on PageSpeed.
There have been fixes for about 75 reported bugs, plus well over 100 unreported ones. This includes a couple of privacy and security related issues. FOR THIS REASON ALONE, YOU ARE STRONGLY ADVISED TO UPGRADE.
Some new translators have joined the project, and we now support Japanese, Galician, Bosnian and Tatar. This brings the total to 45 supported languages (27 core plus 18 additional).
There have been some subtle changes to the way we respond to search-engines, which should reduce the number of bad requests and 403 responses that the server needs to generate.
Although most of the changes are "under-the-hood", there is one major update to the user interface. We have redesigned the tables of individuals/sources/repositories/etc. The new format looks much better, and has integrated filtering to help you find the information you are searching for