Latest Release – a new theme “simpl_designer”.

After a long wait the latest theme is now available – and it is VERY different from anything produced before!

Key features include:
1 – Configurable colour / font and other options in a unique admin module.
2 – A unique block layout on the Home page.
3 – Bold colour scheme.
4 – Social media “Like” buttons
5 – Login drop-down from top menu

WARNING: This theme is more complicated than “normal” themes, and has limitations on how it can be used.

When you have downloaded the zip file, unpack it on your desktop. It contains a “ReadMe” folder. In there click on the file “read.html” and study that carefully. Do NOT try to install this until you have read those instructions.

You can see the theme “in action” at simpl_designer demo and you can download it here.

It incorporates a number of new concepts, and could contain more. So please let me have your feedback on our forum.