This road map lists the key changes planned for kiwitrees in the future. If you would like to discuss any of the road map items or suggest more ideas please use this Forum topic.

  • Short term road map
  • Medium term road map
  • Long term road map
  • Wish list road map

  • Create new blank data entry fields immediately others are used e.g. second married name after first is added .
  • Give configuration settings a “reset to defaults” option. The first stage of this was included in release 3.3.0. IN PROGRESS
  • Improve mobile-friendly displays. This is now a high priority, but achieving it has taken a new direction. It will now be a major new development currently named “Kiwitrees-nova”. This will be on a new platform built to ensure the entire system is “small-device friendly” while retaining full functionality on at least desktop machines. IN PROGRESS

  • Add a “Blog” page option as an extension to the GEDCOM (Home page) block module.
  • CKEditor – Find a simpler way to include media links and colorbox code.
  • Allow administrators to add their own icons to some of the module-based menus (like simpl_pages, gallery, etc.) easily.

  • Create a new “_PLAC” level 0 record structure. This will allow the addition of details about places, and combine with the GoogleMaps geo-location table.

Wish list items are ones that cannot quite reach the long term plan list. They are worthy ideas that will hopefully be achieved one day.

  • Develop an export system that will produce a simple data list of user defined records. Something that users can use to create their own reports in other software (Word, PDF, spreadsheet etc.).
  • Enhance media management (Administration > Media > Manage media). Add an ability to make bulk changes to or move selected images.
  • Review/change order of sub-tags on add/edit and display. See forum thread:
  • Amend the “add tags” feature (Administration > Family tree > your family tree > Edit option) so that for each record type only the tags valid for that record (INDI, FAM, SOUR, etc) are presented as options for inclusion.


Although I can’t list all the changes planned for kiwitrees this road map page does show the major items, and some idea of their progress. However, in most cases these are plans that will now only be incorporated in kiwitrees-nova.