The latest version of Kiwitrees is now available for download from the downloads page. The very simple upgrade instructions are also on that page.

This version includes the usual array of bug fixes and minor improvements; including any from webtrees’ latest development code that are useful and reliable enough for the kiwitrees platform.

But more importantly it includes a number of new great features. Most will appear on your upgraded system automatically, but a few as noted below require some additional set up.

  • Gallery module. This replaces the add-on simpl_gallery3 and is now part of the core code. So you will no longer need to upgrade this add-on separately. It will need enabling if you want to use it (Administration > Modules). If you use simpl_gallery3 you should:
    • Enable the new version
    • Copy all your settings from the add-on to the new module
    • Check the new version is working OK
    • Disable simpl_gallery3
    • Delete the folder simpl_gallery3 from the kiwitrees/modules_v3/ folder
  • Album tab. This is a complete re-write of the old “lightbox” module and it’s associated album tab. It also removes completely the Media tab. It includes it’s own configuration page in the administration section. You should read this FAQ article carefully to fully understand the changes and set up requirements of this module.
  • New simpl_research plugin. This adds a link to the British site “Cornish On-line Parish Clerk”. Also, the layout of the research links configuration page has been tidied up. Remember, there are over 25 plugins now, but you don’t need to display all the ones you will never sue. Just go to Administration > Simpl_research links and make sure only the ones you want are ticked.
  • Extended research plugin for The link to ancestry now has a list of sub-links so you can select a specific country to narrow down your research.
  • Allow complete removal of contact links via a “none” option when setting technical or genealogy contacts. A number of people had asked about removing the technical and / or genealogical contact links from the footer. Rather than explaining repeatedly how to do it by hacking the code, I added a simple “none” option to the drop-down list of users in the configuration for these links.
  • Multiple record deleting. You can now select multiple entries from the lists of sources, notes, repositories, or Google Map geographic data and delete them all at once.
  • New Google Maps tab display. The previously often cramped Google Map display on the tab of individual pages has been re-organised to allow the map to use the full available width.
  • Admin. option for ALL CAPS surnames. For anyone who prefers to always display surnames in CAPS there is now a simple simple configuration option to set that as the standard (Administration > your family trees > Layout > Names > Display surnames in all CAPS).
  • Revised Branches display. The Branches list display now uses the code from the add-on “simpl_branches (so that add-on is no longer required and has been removed from downloads). It allows the trees to be collapsed and expanded for easier viewing. The display also uses the d’Abboville numbering system.
  • Updated random media block. The random media block has been updated to give a cleaner display, similar to the add-on “simpl”slideshow”. It displays less text, and does not constantly change size as different thumbnail images are shown.