Level: Intermediate

Unable to create thumbnails

Creating thumbnail images requires three things: a PHP graphics extension; sufficient memory on your server; and sufficient CPU power and/or time to allow the process to complete. You can check these using information shown on your kiwitrees page Administration > Site administration > Server information.

PHP graphics extension

Kiwitrees uses the “GD” graphics extension in PHP. Your server information should therefore list GD, and show it as GD support = enabled.

For gd, your server information should include a section for GD, with an entry of “GD support = enabled”.

Sufficient memory

To process an image from full size to thumbnail, GD requires memory of 4 bytes-per-pixel. An image that is 5000×4000 pixels will require 5000×4000×4 = 80MB (GD). In addition, the rest of the script requires approximately 20MB. So generating a thumbnail of a 5000×4000 pixel image will require at least 100MB. Your server’s “memory_limit” must be set to a figure higher than that.

 CPU power and/or time

Image manipulation requires a lot of server resources. If you have very large images, and low memory limits, then you will need to arrange, perhaps with your web host, to increase any limits on these..

There are no spaces between the given names and surnames

This is caused by the software that created your GEDCOM file.

It will have created names formatted as 1 NAME John Paul/Smith/ instead of 1 NAME John Paul /Smith/.

It would not be universally correct for kiwitrees to automatically add spaces because some languages (e.g. Chinese) do not use spaces between words or names.

But kiwitrees can insert insert these spaces for you. Go to Administration > Tools > Batch update and select the option “Fix name slashes and spaces”. If the tool finds any names that can be changed in this way it will display the first. You can choose to update these one at a time (being very cautious) or simply change all of them at once (being very confident).

As with most of the tools in the Batch Update suite, you should take a back-up copy of your latest GEDCOM file before proceeding.