Choosing a plan

The basic criteria to determine the plan you need consists of the following factors:

  • Kiwitrees requires a about 60 MB before you do anything with it.
  • Your database will need 3 MB plus roughly 8 MB for every 1,000 people in your family tree.
  • The average size of pictures (media objects) assumed to be 500 KB each.
  • A 10% contingency allowance.

But there’s no need to guess. Use the table below as a guide, and the currency converter on the right will give you an estimate of the prices in your own currency..


Make contact before you sign up so we can discuss your needs. And don’t worry if you find out later that you need more space. It is very easy to upgrade, and we’re pretty flexible about when it happens too 🙂

Once your needs are established, and a plan agreed on, payment is just a matter of clicking the appropriate button below here. That will take you to a PayPal page, where you can either pay with your PayPal account, or any credit card.