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    After translating the new strings for next version I checked all the calendar utilities. I never used these before. I having some problems with the translation in the relationship calculator and the yearly calender problems with the dates.
    The relationship calculator I think is an issue of the translation. Have to do some more checks, but it’s about missing spaces.

    The yearly calendar is not working good because it calculates wrong.
    Check saturday March 26 it is Easter Sunday?
    January 6 Birth of Christ? I thought this was Chrismas. January 6 should be Epiphany or 3 Holly kings.
    Pentecost begins on saturday. Every “special” sunday is on a saturday.
    February 6 Leap Year? February 24 Leap day? April 5 Easter sunday?

    I have checked the file yearly_calendar, but I don’t understand. The calculation of Easter maybe wrong, because every movable holiday is related to Easter.

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    I now noticed that I was working in my testversion downloaded today.
    In kiwitreews 3.2.3 the sundays were on the right place.

    But If you look at this you will understand.

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    I’m pretty sure all these issues will all relate to errors in the coding translations – mostly mine rather than yours. That is the only change made since 3.2.3 was released. The original code was not in a translatable form, which made it difficult to add to the kiwitrees translate formats. You will have seen the size of the task! It has been a low priority to fix since these tools were first introduced, and clearly some more tidying up is required. I should not have released the translation files including these yet, so I apologise if you have spent time working on incorrect code.

    The “Birth of Christ” on Jan 6th is an example. The original was in fact in Latin “Baptismus Christi” so the correct (English) translation should be (will be when I review all these again) “Baptism of Christ” which is correctly January 6th. But even that date is not always agreed. Some churches celebrate it on the 1st Sunday after Jan 6th, others on the 6th…. We would need to add different calendars for different Churches for each year for a perfect solution. (

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    The original was in fact in Latin “Baptismus Christi”

    If you look at the code for this plugin (modules_v3\calendar_utilities\plugins\yearly_calendar.php) you will see that each of these events has a comment after it with the original Latin name. Before I release updated translation files I will move these to the correct translation comments area so they will be visible to translators when working on them. It might be better to translate from Latin to your own language, rather than Latin > English (my version) > your language.

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    It was a hell of a job, because all these saints have in dutch a little different name.
    But I learned a lot the last few days about the saints and the christian calender, so it was useful to me. Thanks to the latin text I could translate the textfile 40 knights to dutch, And I do not speak latin.
    I will wait and see what will be changed in the future.
    Thanks for explaining.

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