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    I have had a couple of queries about kiwitrees and Windows 10, so here are some general comments about it for anyone interested.

    • Because kiwitrees functions on a web server there is no reason why it would not work perfectly normally on a computer running the Windows 10 operating system.
    • However, if you use kiwitrees in a local environment under Xampp, Ampp, Wamp or any similar virtual web server, you should confirm that server software is compatible with Windows 10 before upgrading your computer.
    • Windows 10 includes Microsoft’s new web browser “Edge”. As a web-standards compatible browser it should display kiwitrees in any theme without problems. BUT I have not done any testing using this browser so there might be some minor issues. Please let me know if you find any and we can discuss possible solutions/

    The problem for me with this new browser is that it cannot be used on any operating system except Windows 10, and I have no plans to move to Windows 10 for a few months at least, while Microsoft sort out their inevitable early bugs and other software products catch up with changes to support it. So I cannot look for issues or test any solutions.
    I understand there is a release date planned of October this year for the first major update to Windows 10 (“Threshold 1”). That may be a better time to consider a change.

    My personal kiwitrees site is
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