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    Good Morning, or what every time it is there?,

    I have been checking out Kiwitrees vs webtrees and I really like it, but there is one issue that I wonder if I can change for myself.

    My wife and I like to use the watermark feature, we hope that it may get our distant cousins to contact us instead of just copying the info to ancestry.com.

    Anyway the watermark on Kiwitrees is really small (especially on high res images) is it possible for me to change a file or a line of code and get the larger diagonal watermark?

    I hope this question is understandable

    Kiwitrees seems much leaner, maybe it is just a cleaner layout but I like it
    Thank you for all your work
    Randy in Idaho

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    Hi Randy. Thanks for spotting this. It’s a bug! You will see I have now moved your post to the bug area. It’s a small but important error and easily fixed.

    This fix will be included in the next release but meanwhile, you can fix it your self.

    In the file /includes/session.php look for line 80. It is:

    define('KT_FONT_DEJAVU_SANS_TTF',	KT_STATIC_URL . 'library/WT/Fonts/DejaVuSans.ttf');

    Simply change the WT to KT.

    My personal kiwitrees site is www.our-families.info
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    pab pab
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    Awesome Nigel,
    At first it didn’t work,
    my line 80 was “commented out”? but once I removed the leading // it works perfectly.

    Thank you again for your work

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