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    I was doing search and found this site with the “same” info. It’s slightly modified version of what maybe kiwitrees (older webtrees looked similar so not sure). Note the boxes with info that can be read. (It’s the same family, facts may vary)


    Mine is kiwitrees 3.0, note the boxes that aren’t readable (data is squished). I’m viewing in both Safari and Firefox.


    ----- [updated: 31Aug2023]

     Alter-Drukarsh connections |The Garelicks|Journal 3.3.12 -  PHP Version 8.1.17 - mySQL 8.1
    The Royals |The Kennedys|The Gerrer Rabbis  3.3.12 -  PHP Version 8.1.17 - mySQL 8.1

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    “Theirs” is an early iteration of Kiwitrees that didn’t work very well. Can you give me the url for that site?

    Your 3.0.0 version looks as if it needs a ‘tweak’ to the styling. Which theme are you using (to save me guessing).

    My personal kiwitrees site is
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