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    This is primarily a maintenance release, incorporating all bug fixes since 3.2.0 was released, plus a number of other fixes, a handful of general improvements and just a small number of new or significantly changed features:

    • The “Calendar” menu item no longer exists. It’s sub-menu items have been moved to the “Lists” menu group, and the Day, Month, Year alternative displays combined into a single page. This is a) in preparation for making all menu sub-items fully configurable (next release), and b) to reduce the growing number of main menu items.
    • The group of edit links at the base of the Families tab of individual’s pages have been moved to the main menu Edit drop-down group. This makes these edit options available from ANY of the Individual page tabs and is more consistent with the general use of the “Edit” main menu item throughout the system.
    • A new family tree tool (Administration > Family tree tools) called Review citations is included. This can display a list of citations attached to any chosen source record. It can be used to review citations for accuracy and consistency. Entries in the column Edit raw GEDCOM record can be clicked to open the edit raw GEDCOM page. Entries in the column Record can be clicked to the detail page of that record for further editing.
    • A number of new Dutch links have been added to the Research links sidebar module.

    Examples of these changes can be seen on the “Changes” list page.

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