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    Just a few non-fatal issues that a few people might notice:

    On the Charts>Statistics page there is an “Own charts” tab. This page has not yet been converted to use the new, non-Google code. Providing Google continue leaving their old code version on-line it will continue to work. If they don’t it will fail. Inconvenient, but not critical.
    I would be interested to hear from anyone who uses this page. I don’t, and have never heard of anyone who does, so might consider dropping it. But I will certainly keep, and upgrade it, if it is wanted.

    The “Gallery” module has options to display images either from within your kiwitrees site, or from external sites Flickr and Picassa. Unfortunately Google (again!) has shut Picassa down. Also, the code Gallery is based on is no longer being actively maintained, so there is no chance it will provide an alternative solution based on Google Photos, the Picassa replacement. So, for this version the Picassa option has been deleted. Everything else in the module continues to work as normal. Apologies to anyone inconvenienced by this. I am looking for a replacement Gallery code, which hopefully I shall find for the next release. But I want it to be a seamless transition from the current code, with at least the same or better features, so it’s not easy to find.

    On the new Charts>Statistics page, in themes other than ‘kiwitrees’, the text above each column on the wide multi-column charts is too large. The attached zip file “statistics.js.zip” contains a replacement for the file kiwitrees/modules_v4/chart_statistics/statistics.js.php which fixes this.

    On the new Charts>Statistics page, in themes other than ‘kiwitrees’, the colours of charts using male/female/other gender-based colors are not working. In whatever them you use (xxxxx), open the file kiwitrees/themes/xxxxx/theme.php and replace the three lines of code:

    $KT_STATS_CHART_COLOR1 = "ffffff";
    $KT_STATS_CHART_COLOR2 = "95b8e0";
    $KT_STATS_CHART_COLOR3 = "c8e7ff";

    with this:

    $KT_STATS_CHART_COLOR1 = "#b1cff0";
    $KT_STATS_CHART_COLOR2 = "#e9daf1";
    $KT_STATS_CHART_COLOR3 = "#cccccc";

    I have used the same color scheme on all themes. If you prefer a different color set for these charts, change those same lines in your own custom “mytheme.php” file as described here: https://kiwitrees.net/faqs/customisation/customising-themes/

    My personal kiwitrees site is www.our-families.info
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