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    have a group of people with the same name but 3 spelling variations. I want NAME to be all the same. They are all the same people just misspelling of name. Pending finding substantial proof otherwise, thought using the 3 spellings will help me in my quest of determining proper name. Previous execution wasn’t producing results I wanted and a second 1 NAME isn’t really accurate.

    Then SURN show the 2 other variations. I read the Wiki under webtrees (came from using Google) and seem to understand to do this:

    1 NAME Person GERSH
    2 GIVN Person
    1 BIRTH
    2 SOUR @S1@
    3 PAGE GER <<<< this will explain that when going to S1 original, look for GER even though other members may vary

    My assumption is when listing names, I’ll have an entry:
    Person GERSH
    Person GERCH
    Person GERSHE
    but will there also be two other listings?

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    Yes, that is how it works. But it is a messy process, so I recommend you experiment and review the results. Although you can create those extra surnames in the GUI editor, it is easy to over-write them again with a subsequent edit, so it can be easier to use raw GEDCOM edit instead I find.

    Using your example he will Galway be displayed as “GERSH” but searchable as that plus both of the other variants.

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