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    Just a note to mention that my ability to provide server configuration support is extremely limited. It’s not my area of expertise ;-(

    So if you are having installation problems, you are welcome to ask, but you might not get much help. My best recommendations will be:

    1. Contact your web host. They “should” be the experts at configuring your web server to run kiwitrees; and presumably you are paying them for support?
    2. Contact me at “Services > Hosting” to discuss the option to host your site here at where I can GUARANTEE it will work at least as well as any kiwitrees site ever should, PLUS you will never again need to worry about upgrading.

    It is also very difficult in most cases to offer help for local installations that I can not access. Making this choice means you are your own web host, and therefore responsible for your own server configuration issues.

    My personal kiwitrees site is
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