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    It has been pointed out to me that some of the statistics (mainly on the Charts > Statistics > Individuals tab) give different results for what seems like the same thing. This image gives an example:


    That image shows just the deaths section of the page. Similar issues exist for births. For deaths, there are three different figures in total:

    1. At the top of the page is a figure for “Total deceased”. This is all individuals that have at least one of these tags in their GEDCOM data: “1 DEAT”, “1 BURI”, or “1 CREM”.
      It does not consider whether these have a “Y”, or any other sub-tags like Date or Place or Source.
    2. In the area you pointed out in the image it has a number for “Total deaths” This is all individuals who have one of these GEDCOM data: “1 DEAT Y”, or “1 DEAT / 2 DATE” or “1 DEAT / 2 PLAC”, or “1 DEAT / 2 SOUR”.
    3. The bar chart show “total deaths per century”. This only counts deaths that have a “1 DEAT / 2 DATE” entry that includes a full, valid, year number

    So, at first this appeared to not be a bug, but something needing further clarification.

    But, on double checking I found a couple of clear errors. The most significant (for me at least, as that where a range of dates was used (e.g. BET 1956 AND 1963) both of the years in the range were counted in the “number per century”. The same applies to birth statistics.

    So I have now fixed those areas, added some other figures that clarify some of the valid differences between each set, and links to tables to show you the full list of the records included in each count.

    That last point is an ongoing project. I hope eventually to have such links for every statistic, where it’s relevant.

    Attached below is a zip folder of the five files necessary to fix this bug. It is NOT an essential fix, but one you can update if you wish. If you don’t it will be included in the next release anyway.
    The files are in their correct sub-folder hierarchy which “should” mean that you can simply copy the entire zip contents to the root folder of your kiwitrees installation in a single upload.
    Just take a little care if you have kiwitrees in a sub-folder of your site.

    Fixes for kiwitrees.net hosted clients are being uploaded automatically today.

    My personal kiwitrees site is www.our-families.info
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