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    In announcing the new DNA tab, Nigel says:

    This feature should probably be described as “experimental” at this stage. So feel free to discuss changes and/or improvements on the forum.

    I would welcome such discussion because, as yet, it is not clear to me how I should be using the new feature and I’m keen to learn how others are using DNA testing in their research and planning to use and record the results in kiwitrees using this new feature.
    For my part, at the request of a cousin living in the USA, I took a test with 23andMe several years ago, and since then I receive updates every month telling me of more ‘DNA relatives’ who have emerged from recent tests. There are now a total of 1232 such ‘DNA Relatives’ listed for me, the calculated relationship varying from ‘third cousin’ to ‘sixth-to-distant-cousin’. I have tended to ignore, at least for the moment, anything further out than fifth cousin, but for those whose calculated relationship is third to fifth cousin, I have made contact, referred them to my website and asked them to let me know if they identify common ancestors there. This has resulted in a number of extensions to my database to include these individuals and their immediate families.
    My intial thinking then is that for these individuals I should record the cMs and segment detail and the individual’s relationship to me and that on my own individual record I should show my cMs and segment detail and the names and relationship of all those on my database for whom I have the DNA test results, indicating my relationship to them. This would mean that my own individual record would be the only one showing multiple entries under the DNA tab, all others would have a single line linking back to my record. Does that make sense or have I misunderstood some of the thinking behind the new feature?

    Ron in France Website: kiwitrees 3.3.11; PHP 8.0.14

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