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    When I decided to release this software I felt it was important to make it’s name different from the hosting service also provided from this site. So I used the name “kiwi-webtrees” for the software.

    But I have since realised that this was just causing confusion and tended to be either ignored or incorrectly used (e.g. “kiwi-trees”) more often than not.

    So I have changed it back to the much simpler “kiwitrees”. I also do NOT intend trying to force the “all lower case” policy that webtrees attempted with it’s name. Here it is either Kiwitrees or kiwitrees as as expected by normal grammar rules.

    And, of course, even if you do get it wrong sometimes I will never complain, nor will your slip-up make any difference to the support you receive here 🙂

    My personal kiwitrees site is www.our-families.info
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    And we’ll try to take the caps lock off and not be KIWITREES 🙂

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