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    I’ve just found another thing to add to the Sanity Checker: Burial before Death
    I’ve some INDIs where I recorded a death in a quarter (eg JUN 1963) then later found a burial record (eg 7th May 1963) only to suggest the poor soul was kicking and screaming to get out for weeks!

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    That’s the sort of request I like 🙂

    It;s only a few minutes work, so attached is a replacement for the file /admin_trees_sanity.php. Just replace your existing one.

    This will be included in the next release.

    For anyone interested (who perhaps have other checks they’d like to add) the reason this was simple is that its a straightforward comparison of dates between two basic GEDCOM level-1 tags (BURI, DEAT) within a single record (INDI). The hard ones are those that require checks at a lower level, and / or cross record types, such as comparing birth to marriage date for example. One is an INDI, the other a FAM record.

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