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    Am looking at a report I found online that is numbered:

    1.2.2b. Joan*
    Spouse: Marshall
    1.2.2b. Cheril
    Spouse: Frank

    What’s this type called? Is it part of kiwitrees? Assume this one was created in their genealogy app and know various apps have different ways of numbering but are part of same type of reporting.

    ----- [updated: 31Aug2023]

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    Very strange looking system. Certainly not part of kiwitrees..

    My “go to” site for genealogy numbering systems is
    From there it looks like that systems is an odd mix of the d’Aboville System (which kiwitrees does use – in Lists > Branches) and the South African de Villiers/Pama System.

    After a qick Google search I found a MSWord document (265 pages!) that seems to contain the details you quoted above. On the from page it describes the coding system:

    Explanations to guide your reading:
    The small superscripts beside each name indicate information sources for that individual. A listing of all sources can be found at the conclusion of this document.
    A genealogical numbering format has been used. Each descendant’s name is preceded by a number shown in the index at the end of this document. Women are indexed by their maiden names, and as applicable individuals’ multiple marriages are indicated by lower case letters. Numbering begins with the oldest known ancestor. Using my index number as an example:
    1.2.2a.4.2a.4.1a Donna Susan Sutin
    1 – Unknown Sutin Ancestor
    2 – Unknown Ancestor 2 (son of Unknown Sutin Ancestor)
    2a—Nachum Ha’Levi Sutin (second child of Unknown Ancestor 2; Nachum’s first marriage)
    4—Gedalia Sutin (fourth child of Nachum and his first wife, my great grandfather)
    2a—Moishe Chaim Sutin (second child of Gedalia, my grandfather; Moishe Chaim’s first marriage)
    4—Irving Sutin (fourth child of Moishe Chaim and his first wife; my father)
    1a—Donna Susan Sutin (first child of Irving Sutin, me; my first marriage)

    My two children then became 1.2.2a.4.2a.4.1a.1 and 1.2.2a.4.2a.4.1a.2, and so on.

    From this I would think it is something designed just for that study, and not from any “standard” system, not from any software.

    My personal kiwitrees site is
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