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    Good day 🙂

    how to make it so that in a relationship he showed acquaintances, godparents?

    как делать так чтоб в relationship показывал знакомых, крестных родителей ?

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    If they are not related through genealogical links, then no relationship can be calculated.

    Perhaps just use a note?

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    А как использовать заметку чтоб показал знакомых, крестного и типа таких ?

    And how to use a note to show acquaintances, a godfather and such?
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    That is hard to answer. How do you imagine including such people in a family tree?

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    а если ребенок усыновлен на древе показывает ? надо что то такое придумать чтоб показывал связ людей но не кровных родственников
    and if the child is adopted on the tree shows? you need to come up with something to show the connection of people but not blood relatives

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    Adoption is fully included. See GEDCOM specification for explanations. ( )

    For others, like acquaintances and friends, they are not part of any family, so I do not record them. Therefore I disagree. There is no need to anything.

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    чтоб была такое возможность показывать связь между знакомими (опекуны, кретныйе, знакомые, приемные родители) было бы не плохо но если это очень сложно делать конечно не надо
    so that there was such an opportunity to show the connection between acquaintances (guardians, godparents, acquaintances, foster parents) would not be bad, but if it is very difficult to do, of course it is not necessary

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    What program shows this? without retail for windows or mac or android?

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