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    Hi everyone,

    My Kiwitrees site seems to be running very slowly. I’ve turned on stats in the footer, and found the following:

    Viewing an individual’s page
    Execution time: 24.004 seconds. Database queries: 919. Privacy checks: 106. Memory usage: 12,544 KB.

    Viewing the home page
    Execution time: 6.263 seconds. Database queries: 146. Privacy checks: 40. Memory usage: 16,384 KB.

    In particular, the number of queries and execution time for viewing an individual’s page is very high. The site is located at I’m running the latest version of Kiwitress (3.2.3).

    Is it possible to see more detail on the execution time and queries being run? Any particular features which typically bump up page load times?

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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    Hi Derek.

    Just looked at your site, and the first person I looked at (I97) loaded in 0.364 seconds. So that makes it clear the issue is only when you are logged in.

    I pretty sure I know the problem though. The new “Relationship” feature on the Families tab can be very resource hungry if you set it to show complex relationships. Review the three groups of settings in the “Families tab settings” section (Administration > Tools > Relationship). First try clicking “Do not show any relationship” for all three just to see if that solves the problem. Then if it does try the other options to see which you find acceptable in the balance between usefulness and speed. Personally I use the simplest setting “Find a closest relationship via common ancestors” for all three in this area.

    For more information review the full FAQ (linked to on that administration page).

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    Thanks Nigel, that seems to have made a difference. No options were selected on that page, and reading the FAQ it looks like this would have been the setting it was defaulting too so I’m not sure why saving the setting has made a difference to load times, but it’s definitely working better. I’ll report back if there are any further problems.

    Thanks for your prompt reply!

    My personal kiwitrees installation -

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