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    A couple of things about the next release for information:

    1. It will be released this month. A bit if tidying up to do yet, so not exactly sure of am actual date, but definitely this month.
    2. In about 24 hours there will be a batch of new and revised texts available for translation on Transifex for our wonderful language volunteers. These are expected to be the last before the next release. Some may be hard to understand without seeing the actual new pages, so feel free to ignore them until after the next release. We can easily add updated language files in the downloads area for later changes.
    3. I’m excited (and hope you will be) that I have just finished a large task – to upgrade the relationship chart and calculations. See below for details.

    Relationship chart and more
    Those of you that monitor happenings in webtrees will be aware that some months ago Greg introduced a new, faster, set of code algorithms for calculating relationships, used to display the Relationships chart. He has more recently (for his next release) added further improvements that I felt brought it to a stage where it is finally also a viable addition / improvement to kiwitrees.
    In addition there have been a couple of threads on the webtrees forum about an “extended relationships” add-on module developed by “ric2015” which I have also been testing, and have decided to include as the standard relationship algorithms for kiwitrees, with (of course) some further improvements :-).
    These are the two webtrees discussions:
    Original thread
    Further discussion


    • Much faster display of relationship chart, allowing practical display of far more complex connections before server time-outs (a problem that has existed since PhpGedView days)
    • Options to find more links between any two people, and display them on a single page
    • We can now display relationships in text form on individual pages, between the individual and either “you” or the tree’s default person (depending whether logged in or not); and between parents; and between spouses

    The only major one is that principles behind the new algorithms are complex (based broadly on this website: Coefficient of Relationship ). They can be hard to follow.
    Also, they result in some complex configuration options. There is a new page of these in administration. However, you do have the option to ignore all of this, and simply leave everything at the default settings which provide a reasonable solution in at least 80% of cases.
    Finally, despite the significant speed improvement complex relationships in large trees can still be slow, and may even exceed your servers capabilities. This can make pages, including the individual pages and tabs slow to load.In my own testing (on a tree of around 11,000 individuals) this is not significant enough to worry about (IMHO). But if necessary you do have options to turn off various parts of the system, and exclude the more complex calculations.
    My next major task before the release is to write a decent FAQ about how to use this exciting new feature 🙂

    Attached are some images of the new relationship features .

    EDIT: The new relationship chart, and relationships in INDI tabs can be seen on my personal site: now.

    My personal kiwitrees site is
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    If you want to see complicated-understanding of relationships, try some of the doozies Geni comes up with! Mind boggling. Gives meaning to the phrase “60 degrees of separation” <LOL!>

    Look forward to giving the updated Relationships a try. haven’t used since PGV.

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