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    Now that a good number of people are using kiwitrees 3.2.0, I’d like to get some specific feedback on the two major new / changed features. These are a couple of issues I had when designing the changes and that have been raised since highlighted below.

    Tabbed edit screens
    It has, quite fairly, been pointed out that the new tabbed edit screens take longer to load than their small pop-up predecessors. The reason is that I opted to display the edit tabs as normal full-page displays with headers, navigation and footers. In fact it is fairly simple to change that and have a cleaner page with none of those elements, much as the pop-ups were. If you want to try it out (on most, but not all edit screens) simply open the file /edit_interface.php and change line 30 from:

    $controller = new WT_Controller_Page();


    $controller = new WT_Controller_Simple();

    Let me know which you prefer – or perhaps something in-between?

    Resource menu pages
    When you select any of the resource pages such as the Individual report, you are presented with it’s header. You choose your preferences and click “show” to display the results. That is similar to the way the old report worked. But I find that 80%+ of the time I don’t change the defaults.
    So would it be better to display the result immediately, and let you then change the settings and re-run it if needed?
    This would be slightly slower to load initially, but less mouse-clicks IF you don’t need to change anything.

    Again easy to test. Open the file /modules_v3/resource_individual/module.php. Temporarily remove line 157:

    < ?php if ($go == 1) { 

    and change it’s closing bracket, line 364 from:

     } ?> 

    to just

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    As an aside to these answers; currently running 2 local (WAMP) installs. My server is down and not sure where I will be going with it.

    Tabbed edit screens – The difference in loading is so small that I hardly noticed. I haven’t experienced any unusually high CPU useage as I have read about in the support postings. It is not a major issue for me but I prefer the current setup. It allows me to make follow on actions without switching back to another tab to access the navigation items.

    Resource menu pages – I also generally don’t initially use the selections but those users with very large “reports” might prefer the current setup. Either option works for me.


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