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    Thanks to a new development in the forum plugin I use here at I have now been able to get rid of the separate bug reporting tool.

    Now bugs can be reported directly here on the forum ( ).

    A few tips on using the new feature:

    • It’s still a good idea to discuss any issue you have on the “Support” forum first, If it is clearly a bug then I’ll either ask you to raise a fresh topic on the “Bug reporting” forum or I will simply move your topic there if that’s practical.
    • Don’t worry about putting your query in the wrong place. Make your best guess. I’ll just quietly move it if I think it needs to be in a different place.
    • To be kept up to date with bugs that might effect you, subscribe to the “Bug report” forum and you will new notified of any new bugs added. You can easily unsubscribe from individual bugs later if you’ve heard enough about that one.The subscribe / unsubscribe option exists for both whole forums and individual topics.
    • Bugs reported will each have a status in coloured text beside the bug title. Their meanings should be obvious (I hope). You can filter the list of bugs using the list at the left of the forum page (Bug filter). Just click on the status name you want to restrict the list to.
    • Just like any normal forum topic you can add image files to the bug; and I can add replacement files when it is fixed (if thats a practical option).
    • All the reports in the old bug system are retained in archives. I have only transferred the one related to current stable release (3.2.3) to the new system (4).
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