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    I have image1 with links. I want to move all those links to image2, kind of like a merge. Batch change is normally too process intensive for me to run.

    There’s over 50 links to image1 so one-by-one would be time consuming, any ideas? This happens too seldom to be part of merge records. Normally it’s a straight overwrite, not sure how I happened to do two versions.)

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    I would use FTP to copy image 2 to the same location and with the same file name as image1 thus directly over-writing it

    Then delete image 2 (also using FTP and also the thumbnail file for both images. Kiwitrees will recreate a thumbnail for the ‘new’ image 1 the first time it is accessed.

    This way you do not need to touch the links at all.

    Alternatively, and if you also have links to image 2 (you didn’t say) then you can use batch update to change all links for image 1 to image 2.

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