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    If I want to add an image to more than one person using “manage links” the link is not made, tried it with navigator and ID of a person.Tested in manage media and tested in Album.

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    Yes, I see the problem.

    That is because it is still using a pop-up window. I’ll get that fixed before the next release.

    However, there is a simple fix you can use for now, or in your case possibly permanently.

    Go to administration > Modules > Manage module. Find the “Census assistant” module and disable it. You will now be able to successfully link media to more than one record. What you lose by not having that module is:

    1. no census assistant (but it doesn’t operate from Dutch census, so probably no loss)
    2. no “navigator” to help quickly identify family members to link to. Not a major problem.

    It might seem odd that these two things are in the same module, but they use some common code, and when originally created (writer now deceased) it was intended to add further features using that same code. I hope one day to separate the media features from census but its working as it is (usually) so not a high priority.

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    Now it’s working! I did add photos in kiwitrees in march without a problem, the last months I added documents birth, marriage and death. So these were added to one person or family. Never thought to disable Census Assistant, although I had seen the navigator before. Thank you!

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    Hi Nigel.

    Was this issue fixed in one of the releases last year? I’m on the Administration > Media > Manage Media page and clicking the ‘Manage links’ button.

    A window appears where I can search for a record and click the + icon to add a list of individuals to link to the media record. When I click ‘Save’ the link is not created.

    The workaround described in your post above solves this, however then only one individual can be added at a time. Not the end of the world, but quicker if I can add multiple people in one go.


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    Hi Derek
    Sadly, no, I failed to address that issue. Completely slipped my mind 🙁

    However, I am currently in the middle of re-writing that section of code so it WILL be fixed in the next release.

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    Hi Nigel, not a problem. Good to know I’m not doing something wrong though!

    I have quite a lot of photos to work through, but there’s no urgency so I’ll hold off on updating them until the next release.


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