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    Tried to run marriages report. To prevent time-out, picked time period as below. Got 11 results with 5 not fitting criteria. Turned your account on

    Place names containing Ontario, Canada
    Marriages between 1800 and 1900

    ----- [updated: 31Aug2023]

     Alter-Drukarsh connections |The Garelicks|Journal 3.3.12 -  PHP Version 8.1.17 - mySQL 8.1
    The Royals |The Kennedys|The Gerrer Rabbis  3.3.12 -  PHP Version 8.1.17 - mySQL 8.1

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    You are quite right, thanks. That report was checking the place against the whole family record, rather than just the marriage event. So, for example, one of your results was included because a “50th Anniversary” event held in Ontario was included, even though the marriage itself was in the USA.

    Now fixed, for next release.

    The change can be implemented now by downloading the attached zip folder. Copy it’s content (“functions_resource.php”) to the folder ../kiwitrees/includes/functions/ to replace the existing version.

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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