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    The latest update to kiwitrees, v3.3.5, is now available for download.

    Nothing major in this one, although there are a couple of minor interesting new features:

    • An option on the “Cousins” tab to display second cousins instead of first cousins. Just be aware that this can be slow if the individual is part of a particularly large family.
    • A new Family tree tool in administration called “Missing fact or event sources”. This lists individuals or families that do not have source references attached to a particular fact or event tag, such as BIRT (birth), BAP (baptism). It’s not really possible to do this in a way that includes multiple tags, but at least for anyone keen to ensure their data is completely (correctly) source referenced it does provide a starting point. Thanks to user “jamie” for the suggestion and help with finding the most efficient solution.

    Apart from these two, all other changes are bug fixes, ensuring compatibility with the latest PHP (7.3) and some general tidying up.

    Tidying up is a process going on in tandem with the development of “kiwitrees-nova”. This is still progressing steadily, although the time I have had available to devote to it for the last few months has been limited. But it is moving forward, and in my own opinion at least, looking good. I hope to release a further test version (unfinished, not for live use, etc..) in a few weeks.

    Finally, an apology. There is no “Change list” or newsletter with this release today. Both will be published in the next 72 hours.

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    Thank you, Nigel. Update went smoothly and I’ve not noticed any issues yet.

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    Shshsh….. Dont speak too soon 🙂

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    The official “Change list” for this release is now available at

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