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    Here’s a quick update on progress towards the release of kiwitrees 3.2.0.

    I had hoped to get it out before the end of January, but sadly will have to just miss that deadline. Still expecting to do it early February though.

    Most of the time recently has been spent getting all of the pop-up edit windows changed to the new tab system. I’ve had it working on my own site for a couple of months now and am really quite pleased with the result. It does take a little getting used to of course. Some of us have been using the old pop-up system for many years now. But I have found that the tabs quickly become far easier to use than pop-ups. I’m pretty sure I’ve now done all the pop-ups that can be done as far as the kiwitrees theme is concerned. Now just need to ensure the css is in place so they look right in al the other themes. That’s mostly just a copy/replace process so apart from testing shouldn’t take long.

    There are as always a great many other changes in this release. Both improvements and bug fixes (not many of those I’m please to say). A full list will be available at the same time as the release.

    My personal kiwitrees site is
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