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    The latest release, kiwitrees 3.2.2 is now available for download here. There are a couple of changes to be aware of that are described below, but overall this is just a maintenance release.

    More details about all the changes and enhancements can be seen on the Change list. You should read these and the Upgrade instructions before you carry out the upgrade process.

    All kiwitrees hosted clients will be automatically upgraded over the next few days. You will receive an email when that is done and your site checked.

    New and improved in kiwitrees 3.2.2

    Configurable chart and list menu items

    All the charts and lists on the main menu can now be configured on their own module pages (Administration > Modules> Menus / Lists). This allows you to show or hide each item from the major user groups for each family tree on your site.

    Subtitles for family trees

    As well as your personal title for each family tree you can now add a subtitle if you want to. You can see an example (“People, Places, and History”) in the header of my site Our Families.

    Facts & events resource menu item

    A new report tool (Resources > Facts and events) is added. This replaces and improves on a number of the old reports such as Births, Deaths, Occupations, etc. You can use it to create a list of occurrence of a selected fact or event within a place, or a time period. It also allows for the list to be downloaded as a csv file (easily opened in any spreadsheet tool such as MS Excel).

    This continues the project to remove the outdated “reports” system. Just a few more to go.

    Maintenance mode.

    After you have installed kiwitrees 3.2.2, for future upgrades and any other time you want to temporarily close your site to any visitor, you can now put it into “maintenance mode”. This replaces the need to create and upload an “offline.txt” file used before. Simply visit Administration > Site administration > Site configuration and set Maintenance mode to “yes”. Now no-one except the site administrator (you) can log in to the site.

    Updated Search page

    The Search item on the main menu no longer has sub-menu items for the Phonetic, Advanced, Search & replace options. It’s just a single link to a common search page. Those other search types are still there though, just as tabs on the same page.

    My personal kiwitrees site is
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