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    Kiwitrees 3.3.11 has some changes included to provide compatibility with PHP 8.2. They may not provide full compatibility, and PHP is itself still developing that version, so use with caution!

    I will include any issues related to PHP 8.2 in this topic, to keep them separate from normal bug issues.

    List of known bugs:

    1. After the release of kiwitrees 3.3.11 one change related to php 8.2 has been found to cause issues when using earlier php versions (a non-backwards compatible change). It is only an issue on the individual tabs (Facts & events, Families, etc..) when you also have the “Relationship” module enabled and that is configured to display relationships above the Families tabs. This is not a commonly used feature, as far as I am aware. The bug does cause all of that page, below the section of the person’s image and names, to not display. To fix this you can download the zip folder (“Relationship.zip) from this topic. Copy the enclosed file “Relationship.php”  to the folder “kiwitrees/library/KT/Controller/” replacing the original there.
    My personal kiwitrees site is www.our-families.info
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