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    Someone told me that the scroll bar is not working in Internet Explorer. I normally use Google Chrome, sometimes Edge, no problems there. Clicked in Ege the option show in Internet Explorer and indeed the scrollbar is not working. See images.

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    This is because kiwitrees uses the css “flex: box system to keep the footer always at the bottom of the screen, even when the page content is very short. Unfortunately old version of MS browsers either do not accept this style of do not treat it correctly. Thee are two solutions:

    1 – the best solution in my opinion is not to use out-dated browsers. MS Edge is the only up-to-date MS browser (and the first EVER from them to get reasonably close to standard css acceptance) and should be used if you must use MS at all.

    2 – If you or your users MUST use old browsers you can add one line to a mystyle.css file in your preferred theme. That line is:

    body {display: block;}

    It cancels the flex design code.

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    Problem solved.
    But at first it did not work, copied the code out of the mail. pre]body {display: block;}[/pre]
    I already was typing a messagewhen I saw the code on the website was different.
    Now it is okay.

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    That’s OK. Just as long as you understand that change now means that every user who does NOT use an out of date browser now sees on some pages a display like the first image (A) below, instead of the (better, IMHO) display of the second image (B).

    Personally my preference is always to persuade users to get a better browser.

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