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    I only got Blank screen when I try to install kiwiwebtrees 2.0, and it happen both on my nas-server and on my website, any one who have got the program up running ?
    Best Regards
    Ole H Madsen

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    I have updated many sites to this version in the last 24 hours, all with no problems.

    I will try to look at your site in an hour or so to see if there are any clues in the source. But you should check your server logs to see if they contain any additional information about the problem.

    It is also possible your files were not all correctly uploaded.

    My personal kiwitrees site is
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    I have found a problem with the installation files.

    Please delete the file /language/

    This will I think solve your problem. It is a new language I added (New Zealand Maori), but seems to have a problem.

    My personal kiwitrees site is
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    My nginx server it’s running ok, after delete

    Thank you Nigel.

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    Update 2.0 works fine now, thanks a lot, kiwi!

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