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    The following is a rare error. I only noticed it while testing the previous “Search error” bug. It only happens when a tree has almost no date values in it. In my case this happened because I quickly created a new, second tree. It only had the default “Joe Bloggs” individual, with only a single birth date, then tries to include it in a list of individuals. The error message is:

    ERROR 2: A non-numeric value encountered
    0 Error occurred on line 130 of file functions_print_lists.php in function format_indi_table

    It is fixed for the next release (3.3.9), but you can download the fix now if you wish. Just download the zip folder attached to this post, extract the file ‘functions_print_lists.php’ and upload it your your web server, replacing the file of the same name in the folder kiwitrees/includes\functions/

    My personal kiwitrees site is www.our-families.info
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