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    This is a rather obscure one but it’s happenned to me several times recently. It seems likely that it is a bug but it also seems to me that it could be associated with a server resource issue. Suddenly, clicking on thumnails of some (but not all) images produces the message “This image failed to load”. Random checks show that the problem applies to a large proportion of the media objects, with no apparent connection to changes recently made.  It is as though a large part of the media folder is suddenly inaccessible. The problem seems to right itself after some time – typically after several hours, during which the site is effectively without most images  – because after no action on my part, I suddenly find that all is well again. Maybe the problem is cleared by some routine action at the server? Each time the problem occurs, it is immediately after I have been adding some media objects, and I think I have detected a common factor:

    1. On an individual page, in edit mode for a fact or event, I select ‘Add a media object’
    2. I enter the Mxxxx number for an existing media object . This usually results in the name of the media file appearing below the entry box, and clicking on it then hitting ‘Save’ completes the action, but sometimes a short list of media file names appears below the entry box and a spinning cursor indicates that the correct one has not yet been identified by the code (server load problem???) . The cursor continues to spin for what seems like a very long time .
    3. If I tire of waiting and hit ‘save’ I sometimes find that the action has been completed correctly anyway and all is well. HOWEVER, sometimes the media object thumbnail appears in the appropriate fact/event, but clicking on the thumbnail produces the ‘This image failed to load’ message. If I then try clicking on other thumbnails at random, some display the image correctly but many –  the majority it seems – produce the error message.

    Ron in France Website: kiwitrees 3.3.11; PHP 8.0.14

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    I pretty confident this is a server resource issue.

    Did it happen between about 1 and 3pm (your time)? I can see errors in the server logs against the media files at around that time.

    I’ll need to investigate further to find the best way to improve the server response.

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    Did it happen between about 1 and 3pm (your time)?

    Yes! And the problem persisted until at least 6pm our time. Just checked this-evening  (10pm) and it has now cleared.

    Ron in France Website: kiwitrees 3.3.11; PHP 8.0.14

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