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    This is not so much a support question but a “thoughts” question. I find the “historical facts” feature can add a different perspective to the lives of our ancestors by inserting significant dates into their time line such as dates of War, Political events, etc. Obviously it is not possible to add every world event and no two people would agree to what to add so it is a very user-customisable affair.

    At present the single file is linked to the appropriate language using its filename. Nearly all my rellies are English Speaking so this has not been a problem. However many went from England to America and Australia, etc.

    I’ve been experimenting with having THREE historical facts files for ENG, USA, AUS so that different facts can be displayed according to which country they migrated to. This means changing the default language (which is easy to do) but I was just wondering what other peoples thoughts on historical facts are and if they ever use the feature. What do non-English speaking people use? Can events in multiple countries be more easily selected?

    Just curious

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    Hope my use of WWI centennial shows my thoughts:

    It’s the 100th anniversary for Canada entering WWI. Europe was already at war. US entered later. So that’s different dates and events per major country. Significant, yes. But my question would be does it apply DIRECTLY to my rellies (like the adapted name)? Did they serve? Where/when? Did they provide notable service – if so, then it would apply via the mention in media, medals, or other.

    If not, then I’d consider it significant but not noteworthy within context of my genealogy. Would be too hard to determine what WWI dates/events to record. To whom would I attach the event/story? I’d tend to look at dates on a record and know that they fell during this period and if I wanted to know more, do general research.

    I find researching and keeping track of many direct elements for the thousands of rellies I have daunting so attempting to track historical events would be too much.

    But maybe it’s because I’ve not broadened the scope of my research yet. Still coping with collecting vitals.

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    I have often pondered the possibility of a flexible data-base stored set of historical events. They could be accessed via parameters such as date, place (at the nearest dated event), nationality perhaps and so forth. That would allow a mixture of facts to be displayed along the “Facts and events” timeline in much the same way as the current manually created histo.xx files.

    But I’ve never got further than the thoughts, and suspect there are a huge number of stumbling blocks in the way of making such a thing work in reality. For me, definitely this would be an extremely low priority. To be hones, although I have had a histo.xx file on my site for about 10 years I almost never think to look at it, and doubt any of my users are even aware it exists.

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