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    Google has sent me a load of technical details about The Future of Google Analytics and spells/incantations to add new tags/properties/scripts referencing a gtag.js file. This may as well have been sent in Klingon as far as I am concerned. I have used your example CustomJavaScript to include GA collection code for years.
    Should I just delete the script and tell Google Analytics to go *off, learn Klingon and try to decode their technospeak? Or may I seek your advice?
    Humbly, Paul

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    That’s a good question.

    If you want to make use of the enhancements Analytics 4 claims to offer, I’m happy to help, but my knowledge is probably, at best, fractionally better than yours.

    I’ve reviewed my own site many times, and each time I look at the current GA code it uses. Then I wonder:

    • Why do I have it?
    • What do I do with the information it gathers?
    • How often do I visit the GA page at Google and read all the fantastic information about visits, and views, and users, and….? The answer is “rarely”.
    • When I do read all that, what do I do with it?. Again, the answer is “very little, if anything”.
    • Then I wonder, why not remove GA? The answer is, becasue it isn’t causing any problems, and I “might” use it – one day – perhaps! But I might remove it sometime, perhaps when I upgrade to KT-nova. Its as good an opportunity as any.

    In all honesty, I think GA is great in a commercial environment. But for a family history (hobby?) site, hardly any use at all.

    But others might disagree……..?

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    I agree fully with your comments Nigel. In fact, I haven’t checked the GA page for a couple of years (since my site transferred to I remember in the past that I found it vaguely interesting to see the usage pattern across geographies, but as you imply, it’s clearly aimed at commercial sites and has litte or no value for sites like ours.

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    My thoughts exactly, Nigel and Ron. Every month I get a report from GA telling me how my site is ‘performing’. So what? I never ‘do’ anything with the knowledge. Just yet more digital clutter I can live without!
    Thank you for clarifying my thoughts!

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